Anouk Berthier

French born and raised in Hong Kong, I became a veterinarian in France in 2010 and gained experience in Switzerland, Kenya and Lebanon before I got the chance to carry out my dream of studying political science. I did a Taught MSc in International and European Politics in 2010-2011 at Edinburgh University and am now doing the Research Masters in Politics in the hope of going on to do a PhD in political economy.

My project in political economy focuses post-crisis banking regulation. It aims to explore the Basel Accord (Basel I) from a finitist perspective. Finitism is a relativistic, Wittgensteinian theory of meaning that posits the primacy of the usage of terms and rules over their meaning: we create meaning as we move from case to case. Drawing on MacKenzie’s work on accountancy, I intend to highlight the finitist character of the Basel Accord by analyzing secondary data (journal articles, official publications) and interviewing regulators who worked on the Accord in order to demonstrate the inconsistencies present in the belief that past experience can allow us to elaborate an ever-more precise financial regulatory system that ensures economic growth and helps avoid economic recessions in future.


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