Benjamin Leruth

Benjamin Leruth, 24, is a first year PhD student in politics. After having studied politics at the University of Namur (Belgium), he moved to Britain to start a master in European Law at the University of Kent last year, before arriving in Edinburgh. He previously worked on the European Union enlargement in the case of Iceland, doing some research in this country. He is particularly interested in the history of European integration, European Union enlargement from the applicant States’ perspective, the Nordic political model and the process of public participation in consensual democracies. He will conduct fieldwork in Scandinavia next year within the framework of his thesis, as he has been accepted as guest researcher at the ARENA Centre for European studies at the University of Oslo.


Entitled: “Banking Crises, Consensual Democracy and Nordic Accession to the European Union”, this project aims at providing a better understanding of the relations between the concepts of differentiated integration and consensual democracy, by giving tentative answers to this main research question: how does consensual democracy in the Nordic States shape differentiated integration? This project also aims to determine the importance of banking crisis as a factor influencing regional integration.


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