Francesca Batzella

I studied Political Science at the University of Cagliari (Italy) where I graduated in 2004. I got a Master in International Relations at the same University in 2008/09. In both my Bachelor and my Master degree, I focused on IR in the Mediterranean area, in particular development cooperation as instrument of foreign policy. I carried out research in Tunisia during my Master Degree. I spent a period in Morocco as intern at the Italian Chamber of Commerce. I worked as junior consultant for a consulting company in the field of development processes.

My research aims to contribute to the understanding of the EU external relations in the energy sector. Despite the attempt of national governments to be autonomous as to their energy policy the European Commission has increasingly been trying to develop a common energy policy and an external dimension of it. The research starts from the assumption that the Commission and the Member States have different interests in the energy sector. My research hypothesis stems from the application of the Principal Agent Model of delegation. I will test whether the Commission is acting as an agent in external energy policy and has “slipped” in its policy making.


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