Mihail Plamenov Petkov

The current project on “Policy Circles”, follows the research of Bulgarian historicist sociologists and hypothesises that network-like societal processes since 2001 have resulted in a new form of a policy network, tentatively called “policy circle”. Hypothetically, compared to existing policy networks, this is a new type of a policy network, which unlike those in existence is macro political, low profile, with non-ascertained internal dynamics, between business actors and party political elite. The piece theorises that the more we know about the constraints and opportunities placed by social structures (i.e. policy networks and institutions) on actors? free will in the policy-making process, the more will we able to predict future actions.

Academic Biography

2007-2008 MSc, European Public Policy, University College London. Masters thesis “Insider/Outsider Lobbying Strategies: UK”. It is based on the insider/outsider model of
Wyn Grant of interest groups. It sought to answer the question “How would it be possible to pre-empt how lobbying actors would behave in the policy-making process”.

2003-2007 M.A. (HONS) University of Aberdeen, Politics and International Relations. Honours thesis on “Insider/Outsider Strategies: UK”. Supervised by Grant Jordan. The thesis explored the known lobbying approaches, known to the British political science: the policy community policy network and the insider/outsider model.


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