Maria Kendel

Originally from Monterrey, Mexico, Maria has dedicated her latest studies to the better understanding of criminal organizations in Latin America, focusing on Mexican drug cartels. She obtained a B.a. in Politics with a specialty in Public Administration and Public Policy from the ITESM and holds a M.A. in Political Analysis and Information Media from the EGAP. Her master’s thesis analysed the interactions of the main Mexican cartels, focusing on their new developed way of communication denominated by the media as ‘Narcomanta’ (banners with messages produced by the cartels that were later hanged in strategic places of the country).

Project summary
Her current research project is a comparative study of five Latin American countries, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Guatemala and Bolivia, that share a common region, historical past, high levels of production and traffic of illegal drugs, and that over the years have presented violence periods linked to this. For this, an in depth qualitative analysis (individually and comparative) will be performed to comprehend better the situation of each country, taking in consideration historical background, criminal organizations operating in the region and their influence, actions taken by these organizations, actions taken by the government in the form of operations and public policies (including relations with other countries), and general impact of the drug trade.


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