Chloe Messdaghi


I am a Master’s by research in Politics and International Relations student at the University of Edinburgh. I was raised in California’s Bay Area, a resilient cultural melting pot filled with people trying to better themselves through work, school, and cultural and social interactions. In many ways, growing up with such diversity motivated me to become a charity worker and world traveller. The personal growth I have experienced from traveling and being a political participant has had a deep and lasting impact on me and is a continual inspiration to dedicate my life to making a difference.




My focus is an examination on the possible connection between women empowerment through microfinance in Guatemala as a way to increase the attendance rates of girls in primary and secondary schools. The research topic looks into how microfinance lenders can improve in a way that can impact girls’ attendance rates in schools by advocating women empowerment through micro-lending programmes and/or within loans itself in Guatemala.


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