Conference Programme


Room 4.01: Registration


9:30-11:00: Breakout Session One

Room 4.01: Beyond the Leviathan: Non-State Actors on the World Stage

Anouk Berthier

‘Never again’ or the politics of blind optimism: Finitism and post-Crisis Financial Regulation.

Edward Parsons

Hezbollah: Accidental Anarchists?

Maria Kendell

Latin American organized crime: Understanding, measuring and comparing drug related organized crime

Sara Usher

Assessing Military Adaptations in Iraq and Afghanistan Using System Dynamics Modelling


Room 7.01:                A House Divided: People and Parties in Contested States

Cera Murtagh

Fighting for the centre: multi-ethnic parties in divided societies in comparative perspective

Coree Brown

Imagining Independence: Framing Understanding of Independence in Political Discourse

Shamiran Mako

Governing Iraq: Framing the Role of Institutions and Historical Institutionalism in Divided Societies

Thomas Boyd

The effect of electoral systems of the governance of multiethnic and divided societies?


11:00-11:15: Coffee break


11:15-12:45: Breakout Session Two

Room 4.01: Security 2.0: New Approaches to Threat Perception & Response

Chloe Messdaghi

The examination of the possible connection of micro-financing women and increasing girls’ enrollment in schools

Margaret Tingey

Market Research Organisations in Security Politics: how knowledge is created and used

May Darwich

The Study of Alliance in Middle East Politics: A State of the Art

Rabie Barakat

Media and Politics in the Arab World

Room 7.01: Evolving Democracy: Trial & Error in Representative Government

Adrienne Tecza

Religious Variation and Politics

Charlotte Snelling

Young voters in the UK: The Case of Higher Education Students

Ibrahim Sani

A comparative study of electoral governance in Nigeria and


Oscar Sanchez

Territorial decentralisation and territorial development in Colombia: a ‘race to the bottom’ or a ‘race to the top’?


12:45-14:00: Lunch


14:00-15:30: Breakout Session Three

Room 4.01: Shining a Light: Understanding Public & Private Dynamics of Policy

Benjamin Leruth

The EU enlargement in the case of the Nordic States: a political and socio-economic analysis

Francesca Batzella

EU External Relations in the energy sector

Mihail Petkov

Policy circles in Bulgarian politics

Rosie Anderson

Studying Emotion in the Field


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