Mags Tingey


I joined the MSc (Research) after graduating from Nottingham Trent University in 2009 with a BA in International Relations and Global Politics.  During my undergraduate degree I spent time volunteering at a maternal health charity and for a credit union.  After graduating I worked for two years at a credit union in Nottingham running community development and partnership projects.

My research generally speaking is focussed around how security politics happens.  I focus on how knowledge is created and used in the domain of security politics.  I am also particularly interested in how International Relations and Politics interact at the academic level.


This project is concerned with how certain forms of knowledge are created in security politics.  It will focus on forms on those forms engineered by market research organisations (MROs) that involve the views of the electorate.  It will explore the extent to which MROs play a role in security politics and identify the kinds of research conducted and the methodologies employed.  It aims to identify how the electorate may be viewed as an ‘audience’ in securitization theory.  This project will contribute by exploring potential neglected actors hence supporting the argument that ‘security’ is not solely the activities of executive branches of government, specialist departments and security professionals.


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